As the world seeks sustainable energy solutions, Nigeria takes a significant step forward with the publication of our groundbreaking report titled “Assessment of the potential for rooftop solar electricity generation in Nigeria”. The study sheds light on the vast potential of rooftop solar energy in Nigeria and highlights the opportunities it presents for economic and environmental transformation.
Nigeria, as one of the most populous countries in Africa, faces both challenges and opportunities in meeting its energy needs while striving for a sustainable future. Our report, developed over six months by a team of experts in renewable energy, provides critical insights into this transformative and exciting sector.
Key findings of the report include:

1. Nigeria’s potential for rooftop solar energy is enormous, with an estimated power potential of 17,848 MW across rooftop mapped in Nigeria’s 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.
2. Rooftop solar installations can help address the chronic electricity shortage faced by many Nigerians, leading to improved living standards and economic growth.
3. Embracing rooftop solar energy can significantly reduce Nigeria’s carbon footprint, contributing to global efforts to mitigate climate change and promote sustainable development.

The publication of this report marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s renewable energy journey. It serves as a roadmap for policymakers, investors, and stakeholders to understand the transformative potential of rooftop solar energy and unlock its benefits for the Nigerian people.

In addition to addressing the energy gap, rooftop solar installations have the potential to create thousands of job opportunities in Nigeria’s growing solar industry. This is particularly significant given the nation’s youth bulge and the need for employment opportunities for its burgeoning population.
The report is now available for download via the link below: